Psalms 101

I Will Walk with Integrity

A Psalm of David.

I will sing of a steadfast love and justice;
to you, O  Lord, I will make music.
I will b ponder the way c that is blameless.
Oh when will you d come to me?
I will e walk with f integrity of heart
within my house;
I will not set before my eyes
anything g that is worthless.
I hate the work of those who h fall away;
it shall not cling to me.
i A perverse heart shall be far from me;
I will j know nothing of evil.
Whoever slanders his neighbor k secretly
I will l destroy.
Whoever has a m haughty look and an n arrogant heart
I will not endure.
I will look with favor on the faithful in the land,
that they may dwell with me;
he who walks in o the way that is blameless
shall minister to me.
No one who p practices deceit
shall dwell in my house;
no one who utters lies
shall q continue before my eyes.
r Morning by morning I will destroy
all the wicked in the land,
s cutting off all t the evildoers
from u the city of the  Lord.
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